Gain Weight To Build Muscles (“Bulk”) In A Safe Way

For some, it is still very difficult to gain weight despite conscious effort. Saturation and appetite control are a little too efficient, or you have such large expenses because, for example, you move a lot or have a large proportion of muscle mass, which makes it difficult to eat sufficient amounts. Maybe you are one of those people?

Tips for a healthy weight gain

If you happen to be one of those desperately trying to gain weight or trying to put on a greater amount of muscle mass, here are 10 tips on how to increase your chances of succeeding.

Eat regularly

By eating at the same times each day, you accustom your body to handling a larger volume of food and become conditioned to being hungry at your eating times. You also reduce the risk of skipping or not getting a meal. Make sure there is not too long between your goals, stay between 3-4 hours.

weight gain

Keep track of your calorie expenses

If you increase your energy intake to 3,000 calories per day, but at the same time start to move you very much in the form of running, walking, cycling etc, then the risk is that the weight gain will fail or take much longer. Moving on your body and your fitness workout is healthy and can also increase your appetite, so you don’t have to rule it out, but keep track of your expenses so they don’t “eat up” your energy intake.

Increase the quantity of protein

By eating more protein, you promote protein synthesis, which increases the likelihood that your excess is stored mostly as muscle and less as fat tissue. This is one of the reasons why you should continue to eat good food even if you want to gain weight, it controls what type of mass you put on weight.

Avoid large quantity of fiber and low-calorie variations

Eating fruits and vegetables is beneficial for everyone and it should also be included in your diet during a bulk. But avoid filling half the plate with fiber-rich or water-rich vegetables, as they take up a lot of space but contribute very few calories.

Select energy-dense food

Increase the intake of energy-dense and nutritious foods such as nuts, peanut butter, avocado, eggs, oils, seeds and cheese. These foods contribute with nutrition and a lot of energy.

Drink your calories

Drinking your foods saturates significantly less than if you were to eat them, which you can use. Mix down your favorite fruits, some nut butter and yogurt or add a good breakfast smoothie as an accessory to your sandwiches for example. Drink milk or juice with food.

All individuals are unique and although the above advice will be suitable for most people who want to gain weight, there will always be someone who needs more individualized advice. Our tip to you then is to hire a dietician or qualified dietitian who can set up a diet plan for your specific conditions.