Questions to a Doctor

Age 52, Occasional Erection Problems And Prostate Condition


Good morning I have an erection problem, not total but partial I have already performed a prostate exam with a positive result and was appointed a therapy with generic Sildenafil. I would like to understand what are the causes that can make you have nighttime erections?? I noticed that at night I can have a total erection. I’m 52 years old thanks. Continue reading

Erections getting worse and worse; 57yo male


hi I am 57 years old and for some time I suffer from ED, I achieve erection only with stimulation and as soon as it is reached there is also premature ejaculation, and as if this wasn’t enough, morning erections have practically ceased to exist. can something be done? Continue reading

Cannot Reach Full Penile Hardness


Hi, I am a 20 year old male (almost 21) and for years I have not been able to reach full erection during masturbation, I reach a maximum of 70%. This is because I give too much attention to my penis, and of course it’s all a consequence, especially the fact that this thing makes me feel very bad doesn’t help. On the other hand, with my girlfriend, managing more “not to think” I can reach a hardness close to the maximum one and this reassures me a little. Mine is definitely a psychological problem. I have been prescribed viagra for some time and opting for cheaper nizagara. Continue reading

What medications to take in order to have sex in the event of a venous leak?


I was diagnosed with a venous leak and the only remedy that was proposed to me by the doctor who was treating me was to use, if necessary, tadalafil 20mg. Initially, it had a fair effect, but now I see that I can’t climax during a sexual relationship. I would like to know if there are different remedies, such as sildenafil, to solve my problem or if I have to resign myself to not having sex anymore.  Continue reading

How can I improve my ED and urination discomfort caused by Guillain-Barre?


Hi doctor, about 5 months ago I was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome in a not very severe form. Admitted to a hospital, after a week of immunoglobulins, I was taken to a rehabilitation center where I returned to an acceptable state of health in a month. The improvements continued, more and more tired than usual, but now I’m back to optimal physical condition. However, I still have a urinary problem to solve. From the first symptoms, a difficulty appeared in the emptying of the bladder and in the sexual activity. After a urological examination, I was prescribed Omnic which partly improves my urination even though it does not bring it to a normal level. But it’s been almost six months, every time you try to quit with Omnic the situation worsens dramatically. What should I do? Since it is not a muscle for which rehabilitation can be done, what is the recovery time of a bladder in a similar case? My fear is that of not being able to recover my urinary and sexual capacity to 100%. I would very much like your opinion. Thanks for your attention. Sincerely yours. Continue reading

Impotence, weak erection


Hello, I am 19 and for some time, mb a month, I have had difficulties in having erections: they do not take place any more automatically, neither by day nor by night, and even when they occur, I feel little rigidity, even if I do not notice a drop in excitement from a psychological point of view. I perceive it as a kind of tiredness and perhaps fatigue of the muscle, as if it could not reach a complete erection. Also, for five days now I have also noticed a slight crack in the glans and in the skin under it that, if washed, go away quite easily. An apparent dryness of the area remains, especially after masturbation. I feel no pain at any time either during urination or during masturbation. I also did blood and urine tests about two weeks and it was all normal. I never had these problems, I was usually masturbate a lot without feeling the slightest fatigue. I am not a doctor so it would be useless to rack my brains in useless diagnosis but it would seem that there was a dermatological malaise that affects the erections and the well-being of the muscle. I wrote here aware of not being able to have an accurate diagnosis but to hope to understand more or less what it is and maybe some useful advice on how to behave to help this situation improve, thank you for your availability, goodbye!  Continue reading

What Alternative Exists To Viagra?


Hello, I have been taking Viagra for a few years, in the last 3 months a form of hives has appeared all over my body that creates significant problems with itching. How can I cure it? As an alternative to Viagra and minor ejaculation problems, what do you recommend?



Dear User, I would exclude a relationship between the intake of sildenafil and the reported allergic reaction which, according to the way drugs work, should have manifested itself well in advance. At this point, I would undergo allergic tests and, moreover, I would consult the prescriber who, easily, will indicate you a molecule of the same class as sildenafil with similar effects.