Relationship Crisis

Betrayal And Its Toll On The Sexual Health Within A Couple

If in the collective imagination betrayal is synonymous with breaking the relationship, one rarely sees relationships consolidated in a stable way after the discovery of infidelity. The partners are urgently activated to understand what is happening, but it is not always easy: the betrayal is that it is painful and provocative, but it says things that sometimes you can’t tell in another way. Continue reading

Stressed Out? Chances Are, You Will Combat It With Food; You Man Won’t

When we are tired and got a lot of things to process what do we do to feel better? If you answered “Nutella”, welcome to the club! It is indeed scientifically proven that we women react to stress by seeking comfort in food, which, fortunately, does not happen to males.

It is said that men come from Mars and women from Venus precisely because we are different in many areas in life, including the search for anti-stress solutions.

This difference was studied by Northumbria University, more precisely by Dr. Louise Liddon who carried out a research to understand where and how we are looking for an immediate and effective solution to combat stress. Continue reading

Why does the passion in the relations fade away over time?

Do you remember your heart jumping in the breast when you were hurrying for a date? Do you remember the passion that didn’t let you go to sleep all night? Do you miss those feelings? Where and why did you lose them? Who is to blame? All these questions may pile up in your head day after day, but they need to be answered to change something.

Here are the probable reasons why you feel lonely lying in one bed with your once loved one. Continue reading

Reasons for infidelity in a family

If you ask a man or a woman who has cheated on their spouse about the reason for their adultery, you are likely to hear a whole list. Yet, some people can’t define the exact reason for their actions no matter how hard they try. So, what are the most common reasons for a family person to look for the intimate relations outside the family?

Loss of passion

Family life may be different from what you’ve expected, and very often it is really so. Sometimes, daily routine absorbs all the romance and spiciness of the intimate relations, and it seems that you lack something really important. Searching for the passion and the feeling of adventure, one of the spouses can turn up in bed with someone else. Continue reading