Why does the passion in the relations fade away over time?

Do you remember your heart jumping in the breast when you were hurrying for a date? Do you remember the passion that didn’t let you go to sleep all night? Do you miss those feelings? Where and why did you lose them? Who is to blame? All these questions may pile up in your head day after day, but they need to be answered to change something.

Here are the probable reasons why you feel lonely lying in one bed with your once loved one.


This may be called the most common killer of passion in relations. Getting stuck in your daily duties can eradicate even most sincere and strong passion between you and your partner.

Try to bring some novelty to relations. Go on an unplanned trip together or just dine out. Any possibility to leave the house and have a nice time together should be used. Gradually, you’ll feel that you are the same who you used to be and you are passionate about each other as much, as many years ago.

You or your partner stopped developing

By saying this, we mean not only your development as a couple but also your personal development. If one of the spouses wants to reach new heights and works hard for it, the other one should do the same or at least show his or her support. Otherwise, the one who is striving for improvement may feel tied by the indifference and apathy of the partner. Such relations are almost always doomed because sooner or later one of you will need freedom.

Being in relations, you still have to take care of your personality to stay interesting to your spouse. Remember, there should always be some mystery in each of you for the other one to be able to open your new faces.

You don’t cherish each other

Everyone wants to feel loved, and everyone wants to feel cherished. But what if you take each other for granted? You stop appreciating things that each of you invests into the relationships and take it as something usual and unimportant. Comfort between the couple is good but only when you still remember to kiss your husband before going to work or pay a compliment to your wife’s new hairdo or dress.

Such trifles may be called small bricks that build up your close, intimate, and passionate relations. So, don’t forget about them!