Healthy Aging

After 50 Too Much Sport Is Bad: Here Is How To Train In The Right Way

A 2015 study by the School of Sport, Exercise and HealthSciences of Loughborough University in Great Britain analyzed the effects on mood, sleep and performance on a group of 13 cyclists already trained and subjected to even more intense sessions of physical activity for two periods of nine days each. The result was a worsening of mood, with higher levels of tension, anger, confusion, depression, stress and fatigue. Continue reading

Poor sleep and its effect on the blood vessels

Sleep is an integral part of everyone’s life. To be healthy, full of energy, and in good spirits, an average adult person needs 8 hours of the night rest. It is a commonly accepted norm, which is considered enough for the body to recover.

Try to count how many hours of sleep did you have last night? Five? Six? Or maybe an ideal eight? Was your sleep calm and deep? If yes, our congratulations, you are one of the few people who have enough of night rest. But what if your answer is “No”, what if you slept for only a couple of hours? How much harm have you done to your health? Continue reading