Healthy Aging

The 3 Challenges Of Ageing For Men: Physical Power, Sexual Performance, Competition

Getting old has never been an easy task for anyone, let us focus on the aspects that make getting older difficult for men. The aging man is mainly grappling with the need to redesign a new profile of virility, because ageing makes him feel affected in at least three fundamental areas of his identity: physical strength, love conquest and sexual performance, the competition with other males.

Physical strength: It is undeniable: as you age your muscle mass and therefore your physical power undergoes a constant decrease. Continue reading

Cardiovascular disease: risks and consequences

As of today, cardiovascular disease is considered the main cause of the fatal outcome in both men and women worldwide. In compliance with the statistical evidence gathered and reviewed by the American Heart Association, heart disease kills more than 2,300 people each day in the USA alone, taking one life literally every forty seconds. As of worldwide statistics, the said credited source states that cardiovascular diseases have been the cause of death of approximately 17.9 million people worldwide – this number is expected to grow up on at least 30% in 2030. Continue reading

Advanced Age, Men And Sex

For men a lot depends on their sexual ability, since in their mind, it is directly linked to the concept of “virility”. We men throughout our lives monitor in a certain sense the erective capacity, the readiness of excitement, identifying it with our power as males. What happens when we realize with age that the erective capacity fails, is less prompt, less valid, less complete?  Continue reading

How To Extend Sexual Stamina Well Into The Older Age

Physiological changes related to age

In old age there are two important categories of phenomena: bodily change and physiological and psychological changes.

The body changes in proportions, in the elasticity of the skin and in muscle tone. It is clear how the man who constantly performs physical activity, does not suffer from performance anxiety, who cares for his health, who eats in a healthy way greatly limits the damage of physical decay.
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Gain Weight To Build Muscles (“Bulk”) In A Safe Way

For some, it is still very difficult to gain weight despite conscious effort. Saturation and appetite control are a little too efficient, or you have such large expenses because, for example, you move a lot or have a large proportion of muscle mass, which makes it difficult to eat sufficient amounts. Maybe you are one of those people?

Tips for a healthy weight gain

If you happen to be one of those desperately trying to gain weight or trying to put on a greater amount of muscle mass, here are 10 tips on how to increase your chances of succeeding. Continue reading

After 50 Too Much Sport Is Bad: Here Is How To Train In The Right Way

A 2015 study by the School of Sport, Exercise and HealthSciences of Loughborough University in Great Britain analyzed the effects on mood, sleep and performance on a group of 13 cyclists already trained and subjected to even more intense sessions of physical activity for two periods of nine days each. The result was a worsening of mood, with higher levels of tension, anger, confusion, depression, stress and fatigue. Continue reading

Poor sleep and its effect on the blood vessels

Sleep is an integral part of everyone’s life. To be healthy, full of energy, and in good spirits, an average adult person needs 8 hours of the night rest. It is a commonly accepted norm, which is considered enough for the body to recover.

Try to count how many hours of sleep did you have last night? Five? Six? Or maybe an ideal eight? Was your sleep calm and deep? If yes, our congratulations, you are one of the few people who have enough of night rest. But what if your answer is “No”, what if you slept for only a couple of hours? How much harm have you done to your health? Continue reading