Male Potency

How Porn Can Be Bad For Your Sexual Health

Those who prefer the theoretical sex of pornography to the real one, run the risk of ending up in a complicated trap. Consuming pornography leads to difficulties in real sex: a study just presented at the annual meeting of the American Urological Association in Boston explains it.

While working on the survey, the researchers examined 312 men, aged between 20 and 40, who were in a San Diego urology clinic for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. What emerged is that 26% said they saw pornography less than once a week, 25% once or twice a week, 21% three to five times a week, 56% a week ten times, 4% over 11 times a week. Continue reading

Delayed ejaculation. Why does it happen and what can be done with it?

Delayed ejaculation affects up to 4 % of all sexually active males. The disease is characterized by the inability to reach the culmination and ejaculate within half an hour after the penetration. In rare cases, males can’t reach the climax at all. An individual may be diagnosed delayed ejaculation (DE) if the problem persists for half a year or longer. DE may be situational (happening from time to time) or constant.

What can trigger delayed ejaculation?

Difficulties with ejaculation may be either permanent or gained. If the problem is permanent, the reason may be in the inborn abnormalities of the genital system that prevent ejaculation. Continue reading