Delayed ejaculation. Why does it happen and what can be done with it?

Delayed ejaculation affects up to 4 % of all sexually active males. The disease is characterized by the inability to reach the culmination and ejaculate within half an hour after the penetration. In rare cases, males can’t reach the climax at all. An individual may be diagnosed delayed ejaculation (DE) if the problem persists for half a year or longer. DE may be situational (happening from time to time) or constant.

What can trigger delayed ejaculation?

Difficulties with ejaculation may be either permanent or gained. If the problem is permanent, the reason may be in the inborn abnormalities of the genital system that prevent ejaculation.

Yet if the ailment is newly evolved, and you have never had any similar problems before, it may be provoked by several reasons, either physical or psychological. The physical triggers of delayed ejaculation are as follows:

  • Injury of the nerves resulting from backbone trauma with an injury of the spinal cord, stroke, surgery.
  • Major health conditions including untreated diabetes, serious cardiovascular issues, multiple sclerosis.
  • Alcohol or drug abuse.
  • Hormonal imbalance (lack of testosterone, thyroid hormone).
  • Infections of the genitourinary system.
  • Side effects of some medications (antidepressants, blood-pressure drugs, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, preparations for anxiety treatment).

However, the bulk of delayed ejaculation cases are caused by psychological factors. Among them are:

  • Sexual performance anxiety;
  • Depression;
  • A history of sexual abuse (especially as a child);
  • Peculiarities of the upbringing (e.g. extreme religiosity);
  • Inability to accept one’s body image;
  • Too high expectations from intercourse, which cannot be fulfilled.

One more reason for being unable to ejaculate is frequent masturbation. Especially if it is done in a manner that cannot be repeated during sex with a partner.

Ways of dealing with DE

The tactics of treatment depend on the factor that caused the disease. In case DE results from the physical causes, it may be cured. However, if the core is in the nerve damage, the issue is very unlikely to be resolved.

In case, psychology and emotions are involved, a man may need a durable therapy with different specialists including psychoanalytic, psychologist, sexologist and others. Only knowing the core of the problem, they will be able to overcome it. Unfortunately, there are no FDA approved preparations that can help to cure delayed ejaculation.