Reasons for infidelity in a family

If you ask a man or a woman who has cheated on their spouse about the reason for their adultery, you are likely to hear a whole list. Yet, some people can’t define the exact reason for their actions no matter how hard they try. So, what are the most common reasons for a family person to look for the intimate relations outside the family?

Loss of passion

Family life may be different from what you’ve expected, and very often it is really so. Sometimes, daily routine absorbs all the romance and spiciness of the intimate relations, and it seems that you lack something really important. Searching for the passion and the feeling of adventure, one of the spouses can turn up in bed with someone else.

Negative emotions

Emotions, mostly negative, are among the leading triggers of infidelity. When a partner hurts the feelings of his or her spouse, the reaction may be immediate. Sadness, depression, anger can make a person look for consolation in somebody else’s embraces.

Lack of sexual satisfaction

Problems in bed may also push one from a couple to infidelity. Constant sexual dissatisfaction brings problems to daily communication and relationships of the husband and wife. Gradually, all these accumulate into one serious issue, and even a trifle can trigger adultery.


Some people are “pathological” cheaters. They can’t stop looking for new relations even after getting married. It works like an addiction. Sex outside the family gives them the feeling of freedom and works as a “Forbidden fruit”.

Disappointment in the choice

Some people understand that they’ve made a mistake by getting married. Perhaps, the feelings were not sincere or the decision to become a family was an emotional one, or they had certain circumstances (like pregnancy) that pushed them to marriage. That’s why they start looking for the real feelings on the side.