Cannot Reach Full Penile Hardness


Hi, I am a 20 year old male (almost 21) and for years I have not been able to reach full erection during masturbation, I reach a maximum of 70%. This is because I give too much attention to my penis, and of course it’s all a consequence, especially the fact that this thing makes me feel very bad doesn’t help. On the other hand, with my girlfriend, managing more “not to think” I can reach a hardness close to the maximum one and this reassures me a little. Mine is definitely a psychological problem. I have been prescribed viagra for some time and opting for cheaper nizagara. I would like to ask, does sildenafil only help to maintain an erection, or also to increase its vigor? I know that the more this becomes obsessive for me (the achievement of maximum erection) the worse it is, but I can’t help but ask myself questions. I’m afraid that with time the pills will stop making me reach the notorious maximum erection that anyone with masturbation can get. Thank you.


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