Age 52, Occasional Erection Problems And Prostate Condition


Good morning I have an erection problem, not total but partial I have already performed a prostate exam with a positive result and was appointed a therapy with generic Sildenafil. I would like to understand what are the causes that can make you have nighttime erections?? I noticed that at night I can have a total erection. I’m 52 years old thanks.


The reasons for erectile dysfunction can be different and variably concurrent: pelvic-prostatic, metabolic-oxidative, hormonal, cardio-vascular, nutritional, stressogenic, scrotum-testicular issues). You don’t say what kind of prostate evaluation you have had, but if it was only the digital evaluation, it is not enough and if you did a pelvic-prostate ecodoppler, it depends on how your contidion was evaluated, there might have been minor pathologies overlooked. I think it is better for a good andrologist to take matters into their own hands, perform the necessary exams and then we’ll see.