Erections getting worse and worse; 57yo male


hi I am 57 years old and for some time I suffer from ED, I achieve erection only with stimulation and as soon as it is reached there is also premature ejaculation, and as if this wasn’t enough, morning erections have practically ceased to exist. can something be done?


Much can be done, but first of all a careful and complete analysis of the reasons that induce the two associated problems is needed. Do not pursue therapies that only try to cover up the symptom and are unlikely to succeed. You are looking for a good andrologist who carries out genital and general examinations at the same time and can then decide on the therapeutic merit.

As in all pathologies, also for erectile dysfunction, the therapy must be formulated on the basis of a correct identification of the causes of the problem. This can only be done through a consultation with an andrologist who will be able to advise you on the necessary tests and then on the most correct therapy. Often the search for easy and short solutions make a partial and short-lived result while its problem can be solved completely and for a long period.