Impotence, weak erection


Hello, I am 19 and for some time, mb a month, I have had difficulties in having erections: they do not take place any more automatically, neither by day nor by night, and even when they occur, I feel little rigidity, even if I do not notice a drop in excitement from a psychological point of view. I perceive it as a kind of tiredness and perhaps fatigue of the muscle, as if it could not reach a complete erection. Also, for five days now I have also noticed a slight crack in the glans and in the skin under it that, if washed, go away quite easily. An apparent dryness of the area remains, especially after masturbation. I feel no pain at any time either during urination or during masturbation. I also did blood and urine tests about two weeks and it was all normal. I never had these problems, I was usually masturbate a lot without feeling the slightest fatigue. I am not a doctor so it would be useless to rack my brains in useless diagnosis but it would seem that there was a dermatological malaise that affects the erections and the well-being of the muscle. I wrote here aware of not being able to have an accurate diagnosis but to hope to understand more or less what it is and maybe some useful advice on how to behave to help this situation improve, thank you for your availability, goodbye! 


Dear Reader, forget the dermatological malaise that affects erections; the time has come to consult your trusted andrologist at their office. In the meantime, if you wish to have more detailed information on these sexual problems, I advise you to consult, if not yet done, also the articles published on our site dedicated to erectile problems, you can find them here: