Erection Disappears When I Start Putting On A Condom


Hello, I am a 29 year old man and I have the following problem. When I have to have sex with my girlfriend I lose my erection almost immediately as soon as I start putting on a condom. I have no problem with erection during masturbation, let alone if my partner does it, in fact when she touches me my penis becomes erect in a few moments and as long as she continues I do not lose my erection.

I don’t have any performance anxiety, in fact I also do jokes and I don’t feel tense or in awe. The only psychological factor that I can consider as a cause is the fear of unintended pregnancies. However, I also tried to change the type and brand of condoms, I tried those with an anatomical shape, thinner, lubricated, but that doesn’t change anything.

I am convinced that the type of condom is not a particularly incident factor. The main problem is that starting to unroll the condom on the glans, which is very sensitive for me, I lose my erection and there is no way to get it back except by removing the condom and touching myself again.

Is it possible to help me with the famous blue pill or better, even if only by taking half or a quarter of it could it help me to help my erection stay established?

I await your kind reply.


Dear reader, the condom does these things: so it should be eliminated. Adequate contraceptive program, from the gynecologist of your partner or the counseling center. When this is done and if the problem persists, consult my colleague during an actual visit to their office. The is not much else to do outside of the things I just mentioned.